Book formatting

You’ve written your first draft. You’ve polished it and sent it off to the editor. You’ve made all the suggested changes and sent it off to a proofreader. Now you’re ready to share your book with the world. Yay!

In order for your book to look professional and be on par with traditionally published books, it will need to be properly formatted. But how? Perhaps you’ve heard of Vellum, but you don’t have a Mac, or maybe you don’t want to shell out more money to pay a designer to format your book. If you don’t need fancy formatting with custom-made designs, or you don’t want to spend hours doing it yourself in Microsoft Word, I can take care of the formatting for you. You can choose among the available styles, and once you tell me your favorite, I will format the book and send you the final formatted files you can upload to all the major retailers.

Launch rate (for a limited time only):

  • e-book formatting: 10 USD
  • paperback formatting: 15 USD
  • e-book+paperback at once: 20 USD
  • additional changes (if you want to change something at a later stage): 5 USD

I will need a Microsoft Word document (possibly with Title heading already set for all the chapters) and the jpg of your book cover in high resolution. 

Please note: I will only format fiction books (any genre) and I will not format picture books or books that require special or complicated formatting.

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