Translations: English to Italian

Let’s face it: English is an international language, but not everyone speaks it fluently enough to feel confident to read a whole book in English. For some people, reading is a relaxing experience, some ‘me time’ they dedicate to a good book after a long day. And if English isn’t your native language, reading a whole novel in English can be challenging and not at all relaxing.

If you want to reach more readers around the world, you need to have your books translated. But sometimes this means handing the international rights to an agent, or sharing the royalties with the translators.

I will help you break into the Italian market, whether it’s Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, or Google, for a one-off fee. You retain your rights and all of your royalties, and you will be able to reach all those readers who can’t speak English well enough to read an entire book in a foreign language.

Although I’m not a professional, certified translator, I’m Italian born and raised, and have been speaking fluent English, as well as reading and writing in English, for more than twenty years.

I will translate your full book from English into Italian, then I will give it a thorough read and make sure the writing flows smoothly and is okay for Italian readers, before I send it back to you. For this reason, I will need at least 3-4 weeks, according to the book’s length.

I will translate romance (any subgenre), women’s fiction, romantic comedies, and chick-lit. I may occasionally accept other genres, but I prefer to receive a few chapters of your book first, before deciding whether I can translate it. I will not work on erotica, BDSM and the likes, nor on books with graphic violence (abuse, etc.)—sorry.

Launch rates (for a limited time only):

0.003 USD per word (for example: a 40k novel would be 120 USD, a full-length 80k novel would be 240 USD. I will not round up to the dollar – e.g. for 73,755 words you would be invoiced for 221.26 USD.)

Turnaround time depends on the length of the book and on my schedule. If you have a fixed deadline you must meet, please say so when you contact me so I can do my best to accommodate your request. Price for rush orders: 0.006 USD per word.

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